Advanced studies done in the office

Cardiologist & Internal Medicine located in Anaheim, CA

Advanced studies done in the office include Nuclear Cardiology scans, which include cardiolite scans and cardiac pet scans. Dr. Arora is board-certified in Nuclear Cardiology.

Advanced cholesterol panel, Boston heart panel is ordered in the office or through outside labs like Quest or LabCorp. It measures biomarkers like small, dense LDL all the bad bad cholesterol, LDL, particle number, lipoprotein a. These biomarkers are associated with blockages or coronary heart disease.

For blockages, mild, moderate or severe Dr. Arora uses newest medicines to slow down the progression or regression of the blockages. He refers patients to pharmacies that are able to get medication’s at a cheaper price.

He has been using weight loss medication like Ozempic for many years for weight loss, diabetes, control, and improve cardiac outcomes.

Besides a busy office practice he has a very busy hospital practice admitting patients with various diseases. In the hospital, Dr. Arora does the cardiac procedures like cardiac Catherisation, angioplasty and stent placement and insertion of pacemakers.

He uses a team of expert doctors in other fields to give the patient the best possible comprehensive treatment.

Dr. Arora refers patients for non-invasive CTA of the cornaries using the worlds fastest CAT scan machines to detect blockages in the heart arteries or carotid arteries in the neck for stroke.

Using the most modern technologies, Doctor Arora is, able to detect blockages in the heart arteries.

CT Angiogram picture